Friday, October 3, 2008

NOV 21st EGG CALL Vignette - Author Liz Lynch

The Executive Girlfriend's Group welcomes author Liz Lynch as the featured vignette speaker for our call on Friday November 21st.

Liz Lynch started her profitability consulting firm, Liz Lynch Ltd., in October 2000 after "doing corporate time" at some of the top firms in their industries to hone her strategic, analytical and financial expertise. Although not a born networker, she’s grown the company successfully exclusively through networking, no cold calling required!

In 2003, Liz published the 102 Secrets to Smarter Networking booklet to share her tips with other professionals who need to network to succeed in business. Because of her background, she brings a practical and insightful perspective to networking that has connected with people throughout the world. 102 Secrets and related products have sold on six continents!

In 2005, to keep up with growing demand for her unique networking voice, Liz started the Center for Networking Excellence as a separate business from her profitability consulting firm and became its executive director. The Center creates products and programs to help business professionals build profitable relationships, helping them network smarter, not harder.

Her new book, Smart Networking, is coming out in early November. I hope you'll join us to hear Liz and her views on how to attract a following!

Chicke Fitzgerald

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