Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lynne Sarikas vignette recording now available - Advancing your career in funky times

Mark your calendar for Friday's call with Lynn Sarikas, director of the MBA career center at Northeastern University’s College of Business Administration. She will be addressing the issue of advancing your career during these "funky" economic times.

With the nation’s unemployment rate at its highest point in five years, you might be surprised to hear Lynne’s thoughts:
  • Many think that a funky economy means it is not a good time to advance your career. While the answer may vary by industry, it can actually be the best time to make a change. More than ever, companies need skilled leaders to help their business address critical issues and challenges.
  • Obviously industries that are in the midst of major layoffs are not doing any significant hiring, only pursue opportunities in that industry if you have a very unique, marketable skill set that can add value in turbulent times. Investment industry is hard hit right now with many firms laying off staff. Do you have unique marketing, HR or finance/controller experience in the investment industry that could help them during these troubled times?
  • Other industries are actively seeking experienced talent. While most have no problem sourcing entry level positions, it can be more challenging to fill management level positions. Turnover including retirements can create key, strategic openings that must be filled with the right people.
  • Especially in this economy, not all positions are posted. It is not likely that senior level job seekers will find their position by searching job posting sites on the web. Use your job search time more strategically.
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Chicke Fitzgerald
Founder - Executive Girlfriend's Group

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