Friday, April 3, 2009

NEW EGG Charter Member Benefit - Libby Gill offering COMPLEMENTARY coaching session

This week at the TravelCom Women's Forum we were fortunate to have Libby Gill as the keynote at lunch, as well as having her as our guest at the private EGG Charter Member dinner Tuesday night. We had 23 women at the dinner, of which 4 were brand new EGG Charter members. An "eggcelent" time was had by all and the evening provided a foundation for new relationships, friendships and certainly a broader network for all who were there.

I am plesed to announce that Libby has agreed to provide the EGG Charter members a special offer on her coaching services:
  • First coaching session is Complementary - this is a $250 value
  • Ongoing coaching is 10% off her normal rate of $250 per hour
To arrange for your complementary coaching session you will have to be a current Charter Member (see member info) and then send your request to I will put you in touch with Libby.

Enjoy this new benefit!

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