Tuesday, May 5, 2009

EGG Engagement - Let the games begin!

In August of 2008, a small group of us started the Executive Girlfriends’ Group, a weekly 90-minute call to “connect, share, care and grow”. That group has now grown to over 300 and we have added a wide range of benefits for Charter Members.

In March of 2009, we launched the EGG community site, using Sabre’s Cubeless platform. Sabre became our first Corporate Charter Member of EGG. We now have 3 additional Corporate members, the US Travel Association, the American Hotel & Lodging Association and Mondial Assistance. As a result of this membership, EGG extends its Charter Member benefits to the female executives of these organizations.

Now, we are launching a contest to increase ENGAGEMENT. Here’s what you can do between now and May 31st to win great prizes, American Express gift cards and books from our EGG Vignette Speakers.

First, to be eligible for the contest, load a picture and update both the top part of your profile and answer ALL the profile questions below the corkboard on http://egg.cubeless.com

You will also receive points automatically for asking and answering questions on the site, leveraging the knowledge base of the membership.

  • Participate in May EGG calls (started last week) – 10 points
  • Participate in a 15 minute info session on use of the community platform - 50 points
  • Join as a Charter member – 100 points
  • Refer new members – 10 points each
  • Refer new members in your home city – 20 points each
  • If a new member that you referred becomes a charter member – 100 points
  • Refer a paid corporate Charter member (all female execs are granted Charter membership) – 250 points
  • Create a personal BLOG – 50 points
  • Update it at least once a week – 10 points for each blog entry
  • Become the moderator of your local group – 50 points
  • Host a get together with other members in your area – 50 points
  • Write a BLOG entry on one of the existing groups – 20 points

The first wave of prizes will be awarded on May 15th for the early adopters and those that are highly competitive! The final wave will be awarded on May 31st. Your points (and those of your competitors in the contest) are visible on your profile as Karma points.

Let the games begin!

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