Monday, November 3, 2008

Great call on Friday and some practical help for "self-sufficients"

For those of you that haven't yet made one of the EGG calls, I'd like to encourage you to give us a try.

On Friday, Peggy Collins, the author of HELP is Not a Four-Letter Word, was our vignette speaker. Peggy commented at the end of the call "I don't know when I've enjoyed anything more".

She gave us the following test for whether you suffer from self-sufficiency and are heading rapidly on the road to burnout:

  • Can't ask for help
  • Do everything yourself, because no one can do it better
  • Can't delegate
  • Want (and need) to be in control of everything
  • Can help others but can't ask the favor to be returned
  • Define ourselves by our accomplishments
Peggy highlighted that contrary to conventional wisdom, the more self-sufficient you are, the less likely you are to be promoted.

Peggy's book provides some practical ways to get out of this devastating trap, including changing the language we use with our peers and our teams and understanding what we can control and master, versus those that we should let go or let others take action. She noted that "people support what they help create" and that letting others get involved in the solution helps to build the trust that is lacking in a relationship with a self-sufficient executive.

I will be posting the December list of speakers this week and we will announce the date and location of our winter retreat soon. This intimate retreat will have a limited number of slots, so please sign up early.

Chicke Fitzgerald
founder Executive Girlfriend's Group

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