Friday, November 7, 2008

How to countermand the Top 10 Time Thieves

We had some very practical advice on today's call from Nicole in her talk on the Top 10 Time Thieves.
  1. Set goals - not only professionally but personally
  2. Schedule specific time for specific tasks, instead of being at the mercy of others for how you spend your time.
  3. Write things down - memorializing what needs to be done gives it "voice" and a much better chance of getting it completed.
  4. Don't respond as if everything is an emergency - this conditions others to expect (and later demand) immediate response from you
  5. Delegate - and if you don't have anyone to delegate to, get with an accountability partner and walk through with them what you have to do and have them go through the prioritization process with you
  6. Watch how you interact with people - if you are busy/driven, others around you will believe they have to act that way as well, but if they aren't like you will eventually shut down and not want to support you. Keep your "tone" in mind when you ask for support
  7. Take breaks - when your emotions are up, your intelligence is usually down
  8. Schedule time for yourself in INK
  9. Give yourself positive input when the negative voices in your head get too loud
  10. Ask for HELP (see last week's speaker for this one!)
Don't miss next week's call with author Margie Warrell on the 12 acts of courage. Margie Warrell is an internationally recognized executive and life coach,speaker and author. A mother of four young children, Margie is particularly passionate about helping other women pursue their goals with greater success, fulfillment and balance.

With a background in psychology and business (she formerly worked for BP Oil and KPMG), Margie runs leadership and communication programs with major organizations challenging, empowering people to live and lead with greater clarity, confidence and courage.

Originally from Australia, she is the co-author of "101 Ways to Improve Your Life" with Jack Canfield and John Gray, and author of bestselling "Find Your Courage," a finalist in the 2007 USA Best Book Awards. In spring 2009, Margie will release her third book, "Discover Your Inner Strengths," co-authored with Stephen R. Covey and Ken Blanchard.

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