Saturday, August 2, 2008

Great inaugural call!

Thanks to all who participated yesterday in our first call of the Executive Girlfriend's Group - Travel Edition. We had 16 participants. We had a great call, just getting to know a bit about each other. I strongly suspect one hour isn't going to be long enough once we get more folks on the call, so I am adjusting the call to 4pm and we'll go to 530pm ET if we need to.

The topic of the day was international travel experiences and dreams and Florence was the all time winner.

If you weren't able to participate yesterday, please just join us next week, ready to share your experiences and dreams about foreign ports of call. Our normal format will be sharing high points and low points of the week, so we can get to the heart of the matter - forming deep friendships and a support network that is meaningful. We know your time is precious.

Have a super weekend. And don't forget to join the Facebook Group (see link to the right). That will help everyone see who is on the group until we launch our community site (coming soon from one of our new sponsors!).

Next week I'll also be introducing some new coaching resources (life coach, health/wellness coach), so if you have any names you want to submit, let me know!


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