Friday, August 29, 2008

Multiple Historic Events this Week - The times, they are a changin'

For those that have spent the week glued to the convention in Denver and witnessing the historic event of the country's first black nominee, not to be outdone, the Republican's have pulled out a very attractive rabbit out of their hat. Sarah Palin will be the Republican Vice Presidential Nominee.

Although I promised no politics on EGG (as for those who know me well, I am about as apolitical as you get), I find this move to be a very interesting one and can't resist commenting on this turn of events.

I am quite sure that many will write this off as pure political strategy. I've already read comments on blogs about this being a "beauty queen pick". But with a presidential candidate turning 72 today, the party had to have thought long and hard about this one and deeply analyzed her credentials. Clearly, if McCain/Palin are elected, we have a very real chance of having our first female president sometime in the next 4-8 years.

Whether or not you like Hillary Clinton, her speech this week was a very real reminder of how very far women have come in our lifetimes.

I am truly encouraged by the fact that this year we have had two such strong women being considered for the highest offices in the land. It gives hope that we can indeed "be anything we want to be" and "go anywhere we want to go".

This week Roger Dow of TIA sent out an email, which if you didn't get it, provided a score card to measure each of the the candidates at the convention. Here is the one for Obama. They'll post the one for McCain next week.

The Power of Travel site has some interesting statistics about how travel effects our economy and how important it should be for all of the candidates. Check it out. You may be surprised at what you see.

Regardless of who is elected in November, it is clear that 'the times, they are a changin'.

Have a super weekend. Prayers to those that are in Gustov's path.

Chicke Fitzgerald
founder Executive Girlfriend's Group

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