Saturday, September 27, 2008

Friday's call on TRILLION DOLLAR MOM$ was a hit

Thanks to those who participated in the call on Friday and the interview with Bonnie Ulman. Bonnie spoke about the mom market and about some of their key behaviors. In addition to her book and communications/research firm, the Haystack Group, Bonnie has an online magazine called Mom's Easy Chair. It has about 15k readers monthly.

Key characteristics of today's overachieving moms:

  • Feel like they've given a bit of themselves away
  • Need to be more, do more and as a result, end up micromanaging
  • Are hyper-kinetic, doing everything (including multi-tasking) at light speed
  • Losing trust in marriage, which can result from a catalytic event that brings new stress into the marriage
  • Tend to think "no one can do it like I can", so take on too much
The antidote is to treat yourself and take on things in bite sized pieces, versus trying to do everything or fix everything at once. Also stop and do some "belly gazing" once a month, focusing on what you want, what makes you happy. Look for "soul sisters", whether online in a community or on a call like this!

In marketing to moms, and dealing with male marketing directors, use the message:
  • Imagine you are your wife....
Also explore the generational possibilities - marketing to mom, daughter and grandmother. This fits right in with what Renie talked about two weeks ago when we talked about Girlfriend Getaways.

Have a good weekend all. See you next week for the interview with Erin Bethea, the female lead in the new movie, Fireproof, just out in theatres this weekend.

Chicke Fitzgerald

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