Saturday, December 13, 2008

I now know how important "Go for No" is!

For those of you who missed yesterday's call with Andrea Waltz, we learned that going for "no" can be really empowering. She encouraged us to have "Go for No" goals - such as getting turned down for funding or trying to sell a given product 20 times. She said that if getting turned down is your goal, it depersonalizes it and actually can make it into a bit of a game that you don't take quite as seriously as if you are going for "yes". The odds are that if you increase the number of times that you are trying, you will get some yes answers along the way.

Another really interesting insight was that we often say no for our customers/prospects without giving them the chance to even react. We talk ourselves out of even trying. That is a NO-NO!!

Get Andrea's book and gain some new courage in your negotiations - both personally and professionally.

Chicke Fitzgerald

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