Friday, December 5, 2008

Today's Call with Eli Davidson was terrific!

Well ladies, those of you who did not make the call today really missed out. Eli Davidson was very informative and entertaining at the same time. She gave us some great tips on how to manage our relationships.

I won't do it justice by putting the highlights here, but I'll do it anyway:
  1. Men and women communicate differently - women talk like we toss salad and men talk like they are laying bricks.
  2. Train your man like you train your dog.... ok this one I can't summarize as easily but after Eli was off the call we got great pleasure in imagining training our bosses the same way....
  3. Men use about 10k words per day, women 25k. If you have an excess of words and no one to deliver them to, call a girlfriend.......
  4. Secret words to use in communication "Happy", "Hero" and "I need" versus "I want"
  5. Vitamin "G" (girlfriends) are a very important part of our daily needs. Thankfully we all have EGG that helps us fulfill our weekly requirement.
I did tape the session (although I've never quite figured out how to get it from the teleconference company, but can if if someone wants it!). So let me know if you want it. I'll need a credit card to process the $10 fee.

Join us next week for the author of "Go for No". See you then. Have a super weekend.

Chicke Fitzgerald

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