Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fireproof the Movie DVD is out and breaking bookstore sales records

If you missed the movie at the theatre, it is now out on DVD. In October we had Erin Bethea on as one of our first EGG Vignette speakers.

Bob Rubin, executive vice president for Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, which distributed the DVD at mass-market retail, said, "We are thrilled with the response both at Christian retail and mass-market retailers. This strong sales performance is especially impressive in light of today's economic climate and clearly indicates a broad market for faith-based entertainment. We are delighted that FIREPROOF resonates so well with its audience."

FIREPROOF, marketed by Provident Films and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment’s Affirm Films, is the story of a fireman, Caleb Holt (Kirk Cameron), who can save strangers but not his own marriage. The Love Dare, a book/plot device in the movie, also a book by Stephen and Alex Kendrick, topped the New York Times Advice Paperback list for 14 weeks at nos. 1 or 2. After 18 weeks, it still ranks no. 5.

Now in time for Valentine’s Day and National Marriage Month, Christian bookstores across the nation are selling the exclusive Christian retail version of the FIREPROOF DVD—The Special Collector’s Edition— which contains all the bonus material sold outside the Christian market plus 32 minutes of CBA-only material: a movie-production video blog, bringing behind-the-scenes to life; “Fun with Mr. Rudolph” (film fans know Caleb Holt’s next door neighbor); additional firehouse commentary from Wayne (Caleb’s fellow fire fighter), and the Casting Crowns video of the movie’s hit song, Slow Fade.

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