Sunday, February 22, 2009

Vicki Donlan vignette recording now available

For those of you who missed the call Friday, Vicki Donlan provided us with an outline of her book and gave us some astounding statistics about women in the marketplace. She also talked about:
  • What is holding women back from true leadership across the board?
  • What can women do to be proactive in making the change?
  • What's in it for men for more women to take the lead?
  • What industries seem to be moving in the right direction?
  • Where or what are the biggest obstacles to women taking a larger role in leadership?

For Charter members, the recording for our vignette speakers is free. You will receive the login to the intranet when your Charter Membership has been processed. The audio file is on the Intranet site available for download.

For Complementary EGG members, the recording is available for $10. You can order by sending an email to and then paying with a credit card on the Solutionz Web Site. The item is Vignette Recording under the EGG section of the payment page.

Chicke Fitzgerald

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